Michele Graffeo

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PhD thesis

Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Room: A-S7, Via Bonomea 265,
34136, Trieste (Italy)


About me

I am a Postdoc at SISSA, where I am part of the research group in Geometry and Mathematical Physics. My mentor is Andrea T. Ricolfi. I obtained the PhD degree in Geometry and Mathematical Physics at SISSA under the supervision of Ugo Bruzzo and Andrea T. Ricolfi.


My research focuses on Algebraic Geometry, in particular, Resolution of singularities, classical Birational Geometry and Representation Theory are the areas I deal with the most. I am particularly interested in Hilbert schemes and, more generally, in the moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on algebraic varieties. I am also very interested in McKay correspondence, Minimal Model Program, positivity in Algebraic Geometry and Derived Categories.

Events organisation

To appear and published


Interests and hobbies

Music, politics and chess.

Motives Calculator

At this link you can find a motives calculator based on the results obtained in the paper "The motive of the Hilbert scheme of points in all dimensions" in collaboration with with Sergej Monavari, Riccardo Moschetti and Andrea T. Ricolfi.

It's Better To Visualize It ( ) is a software made in image/svg+xml by me. It allows to visualize plane partitions and to edit them via simple clicks. Here you find a sample online version. You also find a image/svg+xml version, a image/svg+xml version and an image/svg+xml Android1 Android1 version. IBTVI is also available on Google Play